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The calibration department of CYCLERtest BV (CelsiusLabs) is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for temperature calibrations and on site calibrations of (q)PCR cyclers according to the accreditation scope (RvA K145).

CYCLERtest is a leading manufacturer and provider of highly accurate thermocycler calibration systems and services.

Through its highly accurate calibration tools CYCLERtest enables laboratories to assure its thermocyclers to perform according to specifications, in order to produce reproducible, trustworthy and technical valid PCR results.
CYCLERtest is able to calibrate virtually any thermocycler, from basic PCR thermocyclers to highly advanced qPCR thermocyclers.

On site thermocycler calibration service performed with MTAS equipment

The CYCLERtest on site thermocycler calibration service is ISO 17025 accredited (RvA K145) and thereby meets all international requirements of a manufacturer independent traceable calibration as demanded by the accreditation standards of ISO 17025 accredited testing labs, ISO 15189 accredited medical testing labs and ISO 13485 certified CE-IVD kit manufacturers. The on site calibration service furthermore complies to many other regulatory guidelines and standards like GMP, GLP, FDA, ASHI, EFI, NY State, CLIA, CAP etc.
The thermocycler calibrations are performed with our MTAS tools by highly experienced qualified service engineers at the location of the laboratory to minimize down time and allow continuity of the laboratory.
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DRIFTCON end user thermocycler calibration systems

Besides its calibration services, CYCLERtest also provides DRIFTCON end user calibration systems to laboratories that perform in house calibrations. Complemented with the CYCLERtest qualification trainings the requirements of traceable in house calibrations can be met.
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MTAS© Optical Calibration System

Date: 04-Nov-2014

CYCLERtest introduces its new hard and software for Optical Calibration of qPCR cyclers and HRM modules.

qPCR thermocycler Optical Calibration & HRM (High Resolution Melt) modules

  • Traceable
  • Multichannel
  • All Dyes ranging from 440 to 650 nm
  • Cq detection and calibration
  • Tm detection and calibration
  • Tm validation (ratio Tm or RTm)
  • Linear Sensitivity Factor (LSF)
  • Channel Peak Height Consistency (CPHC)
  • Identical Fragment Indicator
  • Full Certificate Document
  • Patented by CYCLERtest

Free Optical Calibration for Benelux customers up to December 15th, 2014 if combined with CYCLERtest's ISO17025 accredited Temperature thermocycler calibration services.

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